House Rules

General conditions and rules of our hostel

The stay in a Hostel is subject to special conditions and that is why it is essential that people show mutual consideration:

  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the rooms and on the corridors. Use of open fire or light is, without any exception, forbidden.
  2. The Hostel offers common and recreation rooms, which can be used for cultural or other purposes. Also in single use if notificated timely.
  3. Out of hygienic and security reasons preparation of any warm food or beverages in the common or sleeping rooms is not allowed.
  4. In consideration of sleeping hours the use of showers should be avoided during the night time (10 pm to 6 am). Between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am the right for night’s sleep of every resident should be respected. With particular emphasis we point out that in the case of disturbance caused by noise, measurements up to cancellation of the accommodation contract can be taken against the person responsible.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to slide down the banisters or sit on window sills as well as climbing those or their outside banisters.
  6. Visitors can be entertained at the bar between 10 am and 10 pm. As a matter of principle the overnight stay of strangers is prohibited.
  7. During the stay, safe keeping of ones belongings is to be taken care of by the owner.
  8. Bringing and keeping of pets in single or twin rooms is only allowed after consultation with the Hostel.
  9. The fire prevention regulations – look at separated notices on the corridors – absolutely have to be followed. Please report damages or technical faults to the hostel management instantly. Please inform yourself about fire fighting regulations, the use of fire extinguishers and fire escape routes.
  10. Bringing in and drinking alcohol or using other drugs is not allowed to guests and their visitors. The Hostel management reserves the right to confiscate alcohol or other drugs stored in the rooms for the duration of the stay.
  11. Weapons of any kind are prohibited in the Hostel.
  12. Following own economical purposes within our house can not be tolerated.
  13. The Hostel management is exercising the householder’s rights! In urgent cases the Hostel management reserves the right to enter rooms. In cases of violation of the domestic peace or the house rules the management is authorized to do the suitable to reinstate order. Rebukes can be issued after repeated warnings or in case of heavy violations of the domestic peace.
  14. Who activates the fire alert with cigarette smoke or any other use of fire or smoke (smoke detectors on the ceiling) or activates the fire alarm through negligence will be charged with the full cost of the automatic alarm at the authorities responsible for fire fighting.
  15. Persons in charge have a role model function and should be acting appropriate concerning smoking and the use of alcohol.
  16. The use of music players in the house is not wanted. Music players can be confiscated by the hostel management at any time for the duration of the stay.
  17. Out of security reasons the central common areas and corridors are supervised by video.


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